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Autori › DCI activations in the high Susa Valley (TO155 - TO404)
DCI activations in the high Susa Valley (TO155 - TO404)

DCI activations in the high Susa Valley (TO155 - TO404)

The upper part of Susa Valley has plenty of old military roads, built up between the two wars, that give the possibility to see wonderful views as they allow to reach by car 2200-2400 m. and then to continue by foot on good paths.
The weather was pretty good this summer, during one walk, I have reached a fortness built more than 100 years ago when the Italian Kinkdom began to prepare a defense line against France. This fortness, no yet known to DCI award is locarted at 2200 m. in an open area ready to shoot french troops in case of thier invasion. I believe to be ready to transmit from it next year.
I worked also a new one: TO155 Batteria del Petit Vallon a Claviere. This battery is directed to the french frontier having the task to block enemy troops.
It is a well seeing build as it was erected may years ago; during '30 years new defense systems were built up completely in the rock.
After 1947 peace treaties most of italian military defenses, close to the frontier, have being destroyed but it is still possible to visit them taking high attention and using enough lamps. I worked mainly 40 m. most italian OM but also german, grecian, croation, slovenian, etc; as usual it is difficult to have contacts Ligurian OM, due to the distance and the Alpes, as I have utilized a dipole as antenna and a fish rod as mast.
I have also reactivated TO404 Forte di Champlas Seguin; this fortness located at 2000 m. it is in the center of Olimpic Mountains between Cesana and Sestriere.
It has been built up at end of XIX century with the aim to support Batteria del Petit Vallon in case of french attack.
As you can see from the pictures I was not able to utilize any external support for the antenna, I have used the spare wheel of the car for this purpose.
At middle of operations my battery reduced the output so I had to limit the power to 40 Watt but I was able to end transmissions.
I have to thanks everybody who helped me to complete the operations and particularly Ovidio i1scl for cluster support.

Working conditions: Icom 706, tuner, car battery 50 Ah, dipole 20/40 m.

See you from the next new one.
Ciao, Gianni i1uwf

Foens Foens Foens Foens Forte Foens
Forte Foens Granon Granon Batteria del Petit Vallon Claviere Batteria del Petit Vallon Claviere
Forte di Champlas Seguin Forte di Champlas Seguin Forte di Champlas Seguin Forte di Champlas Seguin Forte di Champlas Seguin

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