by Attilio I1BAY – I QRP Club 309 (Translation by Gianni I1UWF)


This antenna is an “extreme” one; it has been designed to work together with a radio, as much small for size and weight: FT 817.
The antenna is surely light, his weight is only 150 g., almost pocket.
It is constructed from two pieces: the first 31 cm. long, the second one (closed 18 cm. long!)
This antenna can be directly screwed to the PL on the back side of FT817; can also be put on the roof of a car, using a small magnetic base, or above the ground on a tripod.
It is necessary to add one radial, about 5 meters long, if the antenna lies on the ground or if it is screwed on the FT817.
It is not a “miraculous” antenna, but it is very efficient! When properly manufactured, and used in the right way, it shows a limited loss (excluding 3,5 MHz where the radiation part is very short and the coil takes most of the space).
This antenna is: easy to manufacture and to use, very simple to set, shows a good efficiency on the high bands.
It can be used with great satisfaction during SOTA activities to save breath after the long walk necessary to reach the summit, being able to speak, later on, into the microphone.

P.S. …it works in a flat area too!

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Please find here below the drawing and the photos: Mini antenna  .

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