QRP… the meaning of a great passion


“Some times is not important what we are doing,
but it becomes important how it is done!”

Premise – Useful accessories for QRP… and not

       It is difficult to believe that in such a lucky country as it is Italy, for the climate and for his favourable exposition the sun that is so underutilized as source of energy.
I am using since many years HF-V/UHF stations, up to 100 watts, powered with solar equipments. I switch to the normal electricity net when I use high power and longer transmission time. I think therefore the solar equipments very useful even not needful for portable operation and for QRP activities!


Portable power supply

QRP portable power supply, easy to assembly, to be carried in the bag; built up considering the weight and having various protections against RF, this is a main reason of several problems and breaking. It utilizes every useful safeties to keep the safe side; it is protected from short circuit, adjustable, AC filter. Load about 1,5 A.

Drawing     Picture

Download Portable power supply (drawing and picture)